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Wieland is about recovery … patient recovery, furniture recovery, and environmental recovery.

We want to make sure you’re cared for far beyond your original investment, using furniture that you are empowered to refresh instead of tossing it aside as needs and styles change. We understand you’re after more than appealing design, and you’ll find the value and quality you seek in every Wieland product.

Sauder Education®  and Sauder Worship Seating® have long been a proponents of designing and building environmentally responsible products. The company continues to implement initiatives to promote environmentally responsible practices including:
> Identify and utilize suppliers who themselves operate in an environmentally responsible manner.
> Use wood species from suppliers practicing conservation and reforestation programs; no wood species are utilized from endangered forests.
> Utilize technology to maximize the yield per board foot.
> Recycle wood waste and scrap to fuel an on-site electric co-generation plant.
> Utilize chemicals and adhesives that are formulated to meet or exceed environmental standards.
> Recycle all scrap foam by returning it to our supplier for reprocessing.
> Collect and bundle cardboard packaging materials for recycling.
> Recycle and properly dispose of all waste liquids with licensed waste handlers.
> In addition, all of Sauder Education’s manufacturing facilities located in Archbold, Ohio, Stryker, Ohio, and New Haven, Indiana operate in methods to be in compliance with all applicable EPA and OSHA regulations.
> To further its commitment to environmental stewardship, Sauder Education is continually exploring creative, responsible ways to do business, so as to better preserve our natural resources and protect the environment for future generations.

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