Sauder Manufacturing Co. is proud to demonstrate a commitment to the environment, and to both the quality and performance of products through BIFMA testing and certification.

Most customers demand that goods be manufactured to meet requirements for quality. Today, many are also insisting that manufacturing processes be Safe, Clean and Environmentally friendly or Sustainable.


What is BIFMA e3 Level® Certification?

This certification is a multi-attributed, multi-faceted approach to sustainable manufacturing for the furniture industry. Based on the BIFMA e3-Furniture Sustainability Standard, LEVEL is a third-party certification program that provides manufacturers with valuable feedback for evaluating the environmental, human, and social impacts of their furniture products for manufacturing, facility, and organization. For more information or to comment on the standard, visit

Under the LEVEL certification program, Sauder Manufacturing Co. products and processes will evaluated based on four performance criteria:

  • Materials
  • Use of Energy
  • Atmosphere and Ecosystem Health
  • Social Responsibility